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What to Expect

A group of women standing together on the steps in the Wyoming State Capitol.
Cat Urbigkit attends the Leap Into Leadership program of the Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus.

A few basic principles would guide my decision making as a legislator. First and foremost is adhering to the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions. Beyond that, I would weigh whether legislation helps or harms our citizens, whether it protects or suppresses individual liberties, whether it reflects the proper role of government, and whether it is structured in a way that promotes the principles of good government.

I’m a limited government Republican. That means that I don’t believe the government should be sticking itself into every facet of our lives. It means there are a lot of bills that I would not support.

I’m opposed to government intrusion (by either federal or state government) and believe that the government that governs least is best. Rather than imposing statewide mandates, I favor empowering local governments with the ability to respond to local needs.

I won’t support ill-constructed legislation. Your legislator should be willing to work with others to create legislation that is well crafted and specific and is mindful of its consequences.

When the government acts to impose its power on the people, I also believe that it should do so using the lowest level of power needed to accomplish the public interest goal.

Governing is a serious undertaking, and public business should be conducted in a way that respects the duty and responsibility entrusted to elected officials. I would commit to gathering the facts and making decisions based on logical thinking and rational deliberations.

I try to live up to my values and my conscience, and I believe that honesty and integrity are important. I’m also a flawed human being who is bound to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes. I believe in fairness, justice and equity, and I value character, decency and civility. I believe the government should serve the people.


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