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Sunshine in Government

I’ve never been afraid to challenge authority, to ask questions, to get the facts and share the facts with the public – it’s what I do. Here’s a few examples.


My columns in Cowboy State Daily served to draw public scrutiny to the Bureau of Land Management’s draft Rock Springs Resource Management Plan – as did my columns over the state’s secret maneuvering in attempt to purchase 1 million acres of private land in southwestern Wyoming (the state was ultimately unsuccessful).


I fought the federal government in federal courts three times. I won one case, lost one case, and the other was a draw. (I won a Freedom of Information Act case against the federal government; lost the lawsuit over the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction; and the other case ended in a draw in which the court ruled the federal government could proceed with environmental impact statement for wolf reintroduction with our concerns included).


When we weren’t satisfied with Sublette County’s one community newspaper, I teamed up with three dear friends to start another newspaper, the Sublette Examiner (which recently folded under its corporate leadership).


I have a long track record of bringing injustice/unfairness of government to light and working to improve and correct these actions. From the Forest Service attempting to penalize a grazing permittee for violations that occurred decades prior, to governments bullying private property owners, my reporting helped to shed light on what our government was doing and resulted in reversing these ill-conceived plans.


My recent reporting – through my opinion columns – brought to public light the political and legal quagmire over Sublette County’s fire mill taxation, as well as the botched shenanigans of Colorado’s wolf reintroduction.


I’ve no fear of questioning the popular narrative – whether that narrative is promoted by media, government, or political operatives – and providing reporting on what in-depth research reveals, including pointing out what has been neglected in public deliberations. Those actions have long been how I approach issues, and long practiced in my writing career.


I drafted Sublette County’s first federal and state public land policy and plan and have written the annual State of the County report for the Sublette County Commission for the last 17 years so that county taxpayers would know how their tax money was being spent.


I’ve written a dozen books and done presentations to thousands of Wyoming school children to help them learn about animal agriculture in Wyoming. My newspaper reporting was honored with state and national awards and my nonfiction books for children have also won a variety of awards, including those from the International Reading Association and Society of School Librarians International. I’ve also written several peer-reviewed papers that were published in scientific journals.


I do the homework – and it would be my pleasure to do the homework required to be an effective legislator representing the people of House District 20.


Spread the Sunshine in Government: Please Vote Cat Urbigkit for House District 20.


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