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Principled Governance

Cat Urbigkit points to her signature on the wall in the dome of the Wyoming State Capitol.
Cat Urbigkit adds her signature to the dome at the Wyoming State Capitol.

Responsible: Practicing a duty of care while being accountable for actions.

Even-Handed: Supporting equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity.

Practical: Taking reasonable action to ensure that government functions for the people it serves.

Unwavering: Promoting personal liberties and opposing overly controlling government actions.

Beneficial: Providing thoughtful consideration of issues to advance government efficiency and the institutions of democracy.

Limited: Restricting the powers of government to the lowest level possible to safeguard against government intrusion.

Integrity: Character and honesty matter, as does conduct in public office.

Constitutional: Adherence to the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions is paramount.

Accountable: Reasoned and transparent governance, reported back to citizens.

Necessary: Constraining state power over public policy and services when local government (closest to the people) is best.


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