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My Stance on Issues

A very large dog with Cat Urbigkit in a truck.
Cat working on the ranch with a livestock guardian dog that protects the livestock from predators.

• I support Wyoming’s legacy industries (energy, agriculture, and tourism) as well as innovations and changes to improve Wyoming’s future.

• I support the public library and educational systems and enhancing opportunities in the arts and humanities. I believe that understanding history is important to assessing where we’re at today and in charting a path forward.

• I support public lands management in compliance with governing laws, and in Wyoming’s supremacy in managing its wildlife and water. Wyoming is blessed with abundant natural resources and that we can and do “have it all.” I believe we can utilize resources without causing permanent harm through multiple use and sustained yield.

• I support safeguarding private property rights and in the right to privacy. I exercise my gun rights daily.

• I firmly believe in the rights and privileges secured by the United States and Wyoming constitutions; I believe in individual liberty and that each person’s ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility should be honored and recognized.

• I believe in humanity and honor and reason. I believe in public service and the basic human instinct to do the right thing.

Want to know more? I’ve written hundreds of opinion columns for Cowboy State Daily, but here’s links to a few:

Gun Rights: Concealed Carry

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