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How to Judge a Candidate

I think most of us judge candidates for political office in two ways: through the positions they take on issues and the leadership qualities and experience they would bring to the office.

I don’t pretend to know what my position would be on every issue, but be assured that I would use the same basic process for making decisions, starting with two simple questions: Is it Constitutional, and does it help or harm the citizens? I base my positions on learning the facts and reviewing data, enriched by discussion and reasoning. I always want to know the history of an issue that has brought us to this point and to talk to people to understand how potential policy decisions impact their lives.

I’m always going to support government in sunshine, meaning favoring actions that fulfill the right for the citizens to know how their government operates.


Top issues:

• Property tax reform: Supporting the proposed constitutional amendment allowing the legislature to create a separate class of property for owner-occupied primary residences. This amendment will be on the General Election ballot and if passed, will allow residential properties to be assessed at a different rate than other property. Enabling the legislature to set a different tax rate would allow for lasting tax relief for homeowners.

• Maintaining Wyoming’s leadership role as an energy provider, supporting an all-the-above approach to energy.

• Public schools and education: I support the Wyoming Constitution’s mandate to provide for a thorough and efficient system of public schools and education.

• Natural resource management: Protecting water rights and Wyoming’s primacy over its wildlife, while combating bad federal policies.

• Diversifying our economy while maintaining legacy industries and strong infrastructure.


I Support:

• Constitutional, limited, & local government

• Government transparency & accountability

• Ethics & civility

• Reasoned thinking, logic, & working for solutions

• Personal liberties

• Private property rights

• Multiple use of public lands

• Our legacy industries (energy, ag & tourism)

• Arts, history & culture

• Good faith efforts to resolve conflicts


I Oppose:

• Intrusive & overprotective government

• Banning things because I dislike them

• Political theatre instead of doing the work

• Wasting time on scoring political points rather than providing real benefits to citizens

• Statewide mandates that strip local governments of the power to act for their communities

• Claiming governmental authority over things that really aren’t the government’s business

• Bills that are unconstitutional, poorly crafted, or designed to fix nonexistent problems.

• Assuming that the opposition is acting in bad faith or is an enemy instead of a neighbor.


In terms of leadership qualities, I’ve been a volunteer and board member for numerous organizations and causes my entire adult life at the local, state and national level. I’m a frequent writer and speaker on issues of public concern and interest, especially those involving natural resources. I’ve long been an advocate of protecting personal freedoms and speaking out on behalf of people abused by government action, bringing bad policy to public light. I’m comfortable in leadership roles, and in bringing diverse interests to the table in dealing with contentious issues. We can’t fix something unless we can put egos and agendas aside and not just talk but listen to each other in attempt to find common ground, small as it may be.


I’m concerned that political discourse has become so divisive, and I would work to mend that wound in Wyoming politics. I’m not into name calling and bashing opponents, and try to live and lead with integrity, focusing on fixing problems and upholding constitutional principles.


I’d appreciate your support in the August 20 Republican Primary Election. I would consider it an honor to represent the people of this district in the state legislature. 




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