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Campaign Trail: Tuesdays

I spend most Tuesday mornings finishing up and submitting a weekly opinion column for Cowboy State Daily (CSD). I’ve been writing my Range Writing column since shortly after CSD was founded in 2019, with a brief interlude away as the company struggled through economic issues until a new owner injected the company with financial resources to rebuild its stable of writers.

But with my decision to run for the legislature came CSD’s decision that I can no longer continue my opinion column.

While it was a congenial departure, I find it ironic that I'll lose a portion of my income to strive for a position of public service – in a state with a citizen’s legislature, where people are not supposed to have to give up their careers in order to serve the public. I think journalism is the only career where this is expected (although it’s usually for news reporters rather than columnists who aren’t staff members).

Fortunately, I had already done some preparation for this outcome while understanding the time and financial investment that seeking a legislative seat would cost, so I sold the trade magazine I co-owned earlier this year.

The good news is that my first feature piece will appear in the spring issue of Range magazine (with an investigative piece slated for the issue after that), and I plan to be a more frequent contributor to the Wyoming Livestock Roundup on issues involving public lands, wildlife and agriculture. There is too much going on in this realm for my writing pen to be still.

Want to support the campaign? Go here for all the details:


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