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Announcing Candidacy

With Albert Sommers’s decision not to seek re-election to House District 20, Boulder rancher and writer Cat Urbigkit announced on Friday, April 5, 2024 that she will be seeking the Republican nomination to represent the citizens of Sublette County and LaBarge in the Wyoming Legislature.

“I’d consider it an absolute honor to be elected to represent Sublette County and LaBarge in the Wyoming Legislature,” she said. “I’ve been involved in policy and political issues for decades and believe that this district should continue to have a strong voice in Cheyenne.”

Urbigkit is a rancher and writer based in the Big Sandy area who has spent most of her life in Sublette County. She started her career in journalism writing for the Pinedale Roundup before partnering with three dear friends to establish the Sublette Examiner. Urbigkit later left the newspaper business to write nonfiction books but has continued as a weekly columnist for Cowboy State Daily and was the owner and editor of a national sheep industry magazine until earlier this year.

“Over the last year, I’ve had so many people encouraging me to run for office and with my family’s blessing, I’ve decided to do it. Throughout my journalism career, I’ve been an advocate for the principles of good governance, of government in sunshine,” Urbigkit said, "I have a history of researching and reporting on the facts, holding public officials accountable, and challenging governments to improve flawed programs – and I’d love to continue those efforts as a representative of House District 20 in the Wyoming Legislature."

"A few basic principles would guide my decision making as a legislator. First and foremost is adhering to the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions,” Urbigkit said. "Beyond that, I would weigh whether legislation helps or harms our citizens, whether it protects or suppresses individual liberties, whether it reflects the proper role of government, and whether it is structured in a way that promotes the principles of good government.

"I’m a limited government Republican,” Urbigkit said. "That means that I don’t believe the government should be sticking itself into every facet of our lives and limiting our liberties. I advocate for ‘Mind Your Own Business’ when it comes to government intrusion,” she said. “Rather than imposing statewide mandates, I favor empowering local governments with the ability to respond to local needs.

“We need elected leaders whose priorities include doing the hard work of ensuring quality education for our children and strengthening our communities and economy. We need a representative who will quell government overreach and advance good governance principles such as transparency and accountability,” she said.

“I have the strength for the fight and the heart to serve the people of House District 20,” she said, adding that she looks forward to visiting with citizens throughout the district during the campaign.


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